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A lot of customers come in to our store wondering if their board needs a new wax. If you have a board that needs a waxing, it will not perform as well as a freshly waxed board and not even close to a board waxed with the perfect wax for the temps you are riding in.

So, how can you tell if your board needs some new tasty wax? Well, one surefire way to identify if your board is in need of some love is to check out the base.

Below is a picture of a sweet Never Summer that has been ridden often and needs some wax.

Never Summer Board w/ Myles' Dancho hand

The main areas to note are on the right side of the picture, along each snowboard edge. You will see two strips of grey that are basically dry. If you ever look at your board and notice hazy grey-ish or white-ish edges, it means the board is in dire need of a wax. Black base boards are super easy to identify this, whereas it will be a bit more tricky with white boards.