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Lifetime Service Notice

Please be advised that the complimentary Level 1 Tune-Up (for bikes purchased prior to 2021) and half-price Level 1 Tune-Up (for bikes purchased in 2021 and beyond) are subject to a blackout period of April, May, and June to minimize our service backlog. If you need your free or half-price Level 1 Tune-Up, BOOK NOW. You can also save the tune-up for July (and later) if the bike is running well. Happy Trails!


Service Packages are a simple way to get your bike the love it deserves. We offer three levels of service packages to cover most situations. We recommend our LEVEL 1 Service annually and more comprehensive packages as you and your bike hits mileage milestones.

*All pricing is subject to change without notice


We know the season can be short and you don't want to be without your bike any longer than you have to. We get it. That's why we book service by appointment. In most cases you only need to leave your bike for 24 hours.

Something Else?

Need something you don't see listed call us for a quote at (204) 475-4908


You don't have to throw a Beyoncé-sized fit to get treated like an a-lister. Whether you forgot to make an appointment before a big ride, or you're just in a jam, we've got you covered. If you absolutely need your bike before our next available appointment, here are some options.

This upgrade will get you an appointment with in 7 days. Perfect for if you've waited until the last minute but you really need service before an upcoming race or trip.

This upgrade will get you an appointment as soon as possible. This is for when you absolutely need service - like yesterday. No explanations required. This upgrade will get you back on your bike as soon as possible.