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Spring is coming! If your bike is in need of some love, now is the time to do it. Once the snow starts to melt, our service queue grows quickly. Don't delay - book now and beat the rush!

Please be advised that the complimentary Level 1 Tune-Up (for bikes purchased prior to 2021) and half-price Level 1 Tune-Up (for bikes purchased in 2021 and beyond) are subject to a blackout period of April, May, and June to minimize our service backlog. If you need your free or half-price Level 1 Tune-Up, book now. You can also save the tune-up for July (and later) if the bike is running well. Happy Trails!


Regular maintenance is the key to keeping your bike running smoothly ride after ride. 

Leave it to us. We're experts in bike repair and maintenance. Our Service Center is run by career bicycle technicians who pride themselves on constantly developing their knowledge and expertise. Whether you ride 2000km or 200km in a season, we are here to treat your bike right. Explore the service packages below and stop in or call today to schedule your next tune-up!

Call the shop at (204) 691-3460 to let us know you are here and we will bring your items out to you for Curbside Pick up. 


We know the season can be short and you don't want to be without your bike any longer than you have to. We get it. That's why we book service by appointment. In most cases you only need to leave your bike for 24 hours.


*All pricing is subject to change without notice

Service Packages are a simple way to get your bike the love it deserves. We offer three levels of service packages to cover most situations. We recommend our Ready to Roll Service annually and more comprehensive packages as you and your bike hit mileage milestones. 

A well maintained bike rides better and lasts longer. Talk to our service team for tips on what inspection and maintenance you should be performing regularly at home. If you are looking for individual services, scroll to view a list of the most common ones below.

All bikes purchased at Alter Ego Sports (excluding BMX) are protected by the Limited Lifetime Service Plan.

*All pricing is subject to change without notice


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BRAKES: adjusted & lubricated for smooth & responsive stopping SHIFTERS: adjusted & lubricated for quick, precise gear changes WHEELS: hub bearings & spokes adjusted for a smooth, efficient ride STEERING & PEDALLING: headset & bottom bracket bearings adjusted for comfortable, low friction steering & pedalling FRAME: wiped down to keep your bike looking fresh


 RECOMMENDED at 2500 km 

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All services in READY TO ROLL PACKAGE, plus: 

DRIVETRAIN: derailleurs, chain, gears & chainrings deep-cleaned & lubricated for an extra smooth ride BOTTOM BRACKET: inspection, cleaning & lubrication of bearings for quiet, low-friction pedaling INSTALLATION of new drivetrain components, as needed FRAME professionally washed & detailed 



 RECOMMENDED at 5000 km  

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All services in PEAK PERFORMANCE PACKAGE, plus:  

BRAKES: tear-down, cleaned and lubricated & brake bleed for hydraulics SERVICING & INSTALLATION of all components to bring your bike back to like-new condition WHEELS: tear-down, cleaning & lubrication of hub bearings for quiet, low-resistance rolling STEERING: tear-down, cleaning & lubrication of headset bearings for confident, smooth steering PROFESSIONAL DETAILING of frame & all individual components to ensure your bike looks & rides like new FREE 60 DAY FOLLOW-UP APPOINTMENT to adjust new parts post brake in period.  PARTS NOT INCLUDED. Includes all labour to service and install parts. 


*$50 surcharge will be applied to all full suspension bikes to clean, inspect and rebuild all linkages. Reaming and tapping of head tubes, seat tubes, bottom brackets and disc brake facing extra where applicable.   


*All pricing is subject to change without notice

Flat Repair Diagnosis and removal of debris. Installation of new tube. $15
Wheel True  
Truing, tension adjustment and dishing of a wheel with no broken spokes $25
Wheel True  
Spoke replacement, truing, tension adjustment  and dishing of a wheel. Spokes extra. $30  
+ $5 FOR DISC 
Wheel Build Spoke length calculation, lacing, tension adjustment and truing of wheel. All parts extra. $80
Hub Overhaul Disassembly, cleaning and re-greasing of hub. Replacement of cones/bearings where necessary. Cones/bearings extra. Internally geared hubs extra. $30 FRONT 
$35 REAR
Boxing of Bike Bike professionally packaged for shipping, using boxes and packing materials designed specifically for bikes. Materials included. Will not ship bikes on customer's behalf. $60
Shifting System Adjustment Adjustment of shift limits and cable tension. Front and rear. Cables/housing extra if required. $30
Brake Adjustment Alignment/Bias adjustment of caliper. Cable tension adjustment. Cleaning of pads and braking surface. Straightening of brake rotors if needed/possible. $25
Hydraulic Brake Bleed Cleaning of pads, rotor, pistons and caliper. Bleeding of brake per factory recommendations. Hydraulic fluid included. Pads/rotors and fittings extra if necessary.  $35/brake
Ultrasonic Cleaning Full cleaning of drivetrain, including chainrings, chain, cassette and derailleurs in an ultrasonic parts washer. $60
Fork Lower Service New seals, wipers and oil. Lowers and uppers cleaned thoroughly. Minor disassembly and cleaning of spring and damper assemblies where applicable. $80  
Rear Shock Service New seals, wipers and oil. Aircan inspected for damage and thoroughly cleaned. $70  
Full Suspension Pivot Service Bearings removed, cleaned, rotated and reinstalled with proper bearing press tool. Prevents pitting and drastically increases wear life of bearings.Bearings extra where needed. $15  
Creak Diagnosis Every creak is different. We will test ride your bike, determine the source of the creak and come up with a solution whenever possible. $30  


You don't have to throw a Beyoncé-sized fit to get treated like an a-lister. Whether you forgot to make an appointment before a big ride, or you're just in a jam, we've got yo covered. If you absolutely need your bike before our next available appointment, here are come options.

This upgrade will get you an appointment with in 7 days. Perfect for if you've waited until the last minute but you really need service before an upcoming race or trip.

This upgrade will get you an appointment as soon as possible. This is for when you absolutely need service - like yesterday. No explanations required. This upgrade will get you back on your bike as soon as possible.

Schedule Your Bike Service

During this challenging time, bikes can be a clean transportation alternative, a healthy stress-reducing activity, and a fun way to spend time with family outside. We're offering bike service by appointment to keep you rolling.

Thank you for shopping local.

Every day, we strive to provide outstanding service to our customers. Where-ever your riding takes you, we want you to find the right products and information for your needs and have fun doing it. Getting you ready to take on your goals, is why we are here and we're pretty passionate about it. 

Wondering about our policies and services? Learn more about the Alter Ego Sports Advantage