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Together We Ride

Want to make some new cycling friends? Interested in learning new skills, finding new trails and roads to ride, pushing yourself to ride a new personal best or even your first race? Maybe you want to try a charity ride....your first century...but are looking for a good group to work with. Then consider riding with us this season.

Join us for rides, races and community events to connect with like-minded people. As a member you will learn from leaders who will heighten your abilities and confidence to conquer the trail or road and achieve your goals. We believe cycling is for everybody and offer an inclusive and supportive environment to build skills and confidence.

Ready to Join?

The Alter Ego Cycling Club is a Manitoba Cycling Association affiliated club. Clicking the link below will take you to the AECC Club registration site on the Manitoba Cycling Assication website. Here you will Register online, and purchase AECC membership and a license via the Manitoba Cycling Association (minimum of a General Membership is required). If you already have an MCA membership, you will only need your club membership. 

Your license will be processed and mailed to you. You may be required to upload a photo that will be printed on the back of the license. 

Here's what we have planned for 2018

  • Organized weekly group rides
  • Club Races for Road, MTB & Cyclocross
  • Skills Clinics
  • Adventure Rides & Road Trips
  • Social Ride Series
  • Charity Rides
  • Volunteer Opportunities

Membership also gets you access to:

  • Access to all planned rides and events
  • 20% off regular priced parts, accessories and nutrition* 
  • 10% off regular priced bikes*
  • Walk around in a sweet-looking Alter Ego Club sizes available. 
  • Join our Strava Group to get in inspired or hand out a few kudos
  • Volunteer opportunities - we are affiliated with and active members of the MCA - cycling's volunteer based, Provincial Sport Organization & governing body. Our club hosts races, run a Kids of Mud program and encourages everyone to consider the benefits of volunteering including becoming certified coaches and/or officials.
  • Club Strava and Facebook Pages to connect with the group, plan unofficial rides, get training tips and expert advice

*some conditions may apply, please talk to store staff for specific details

Join our Strava Club 

Our weekly rides are listed for our members on Strava. Use it to view the routes we take and the pace we keep on our club rides. You don't need to be a AECC club member to join our Strava Club. It's just a fun way to stay connected.  

Strava is a website and mobile app used to track athletic activity via satellite navigation and then upload and share such activities. Styled as a "Social Network for Athletes", it can be used for a number of sporting activities however the most popular activities tracked using the software are cycling and running. 

2018 Road Rides & Events

As club we host a number of weekly road rides and seasonal events for our membership. If there is a ride type you are interested in trying or leading please contact our Ride Coordinator -



Sunday Handshake Ride

Ride Leader: Patrick Griffith

Voted as most fun and friendly road ride in the world*! On this ride we agree to ride as a group (or three depending on how many riders we get. We'll often split into pace groups) but there are designated sprint points, after which we regroup. Make sure you join us for coffee after the ride.   

  • When: Sundays @ 8:50am
  • Meet up: Alter Ego Sports
  • Route: St Adolphe
  • Pace: 25km
  • Distance: 50-60km

*Voted by AECC members - but it's totally true.

Wednesday Mountain Bike Ride


Ride Leader: Lucas Roy

This fun Mountain Bike Ride is for all levels, leaving the shop at 6:30pm or Meet us at 7pm at the Parking Lot adjacent to Cabala's) and heading to Bison Butte near Fort Whyte. Our focus will be on developing confidence and learning to ride over difficult terrain. Open to all club members and like all club rides, you can try one time before joining.

Helmets required and bikes designed for Mountain Biking are recommended.

  • When: Thursdays @ 6:30PM
  • Meet up: Alter Ego Sports
  • Route: Bison Butte 
  • Pace: Tempo

Women-led Road Ride


Ride Leader: Heather Martin

This is a casual road ride by women for everyone. This is the perfect ride to bring a partner who is new to riding or wants to try out riding in a group.  Our focus will be to learn how to ride together and learn the etiquette of group riding in a safe supportive environment. For a women's-only group ride, check out our friends The Velodonnas at

  • When: Thursdays @ 6:30PM
  • Meet up: Alter Ego Sports
  • Route: South 
  • Pace: minimum 25km (No Drop)
  • Distance: 40km


Road Skills Clinic

Clinic Instructors: James Dyker & Karin McSherry

This skills clinic is designed to help you gain confidence by exposing you to the bike handling experiences that many new and seasoned bike enthusiasts fear most. Learn how to handle yourself when shoulders touch, tires rub and corners come at high speeds. We will meet at the shop at Ride together to St Norbert. If you prefer you can meet us at St Norbert at 9:30ish.

Helmet & drop bar bike required.

  • Meet up: Alter Ego Sports
  • Clinic Location: St Norbert Heritage Site
  • When: Sunday July 8th 9:00
  • All Levels

Ahead by a Century Ride

Ride Leader: Glen Coutts

Ahead by a Century Ride will be a 100 km road ride (a metric century) that ends with an optional 60 km road ride (to make an imperial century i.e. 100 miles).

NOTE: This is a self-supported ride so you are responsible for bringing enough food, hydration, spares, CO2, pump etc. for the ride. You know, the stuff you’d normally bring on a long ride. There will be no supported stops or supplies provided so you’ll also want to make sure you have some form of communication and money if you want to purchase anything at the start/end or at one of the break points on route.

All participants must have a helmet and an MCA license. There will be no exceptions so please be prepared to show your MCA license (or proof of purchase) to the ride organizer(s) at the event start. If you are not a member of the Alter Ego Cycling Club, we will ask you to sign a waiver that we will have available prior to the ride start.

Route signs will not be posted on the road but a GPS Route file for the 100km and the 60km will be added to the event page and will include route maps and basic directions. It is recommended you familiarize yourself with the route ahead of time. These are open roads, some with fairly heavy traffic so stay alert at all times and follow all the rules of the road. For those that can’t wait, you can preview the routes on Strava.

Part 1 here:
Part 2 here:

Sign-in will start at 7:00 am and only riders who have signed in with the ride organizer will be permitted to ride along. Late joiners will not be permitted to join the ride on route. 

Be ready to roll out at 8:00 am sharp. Both the 100km and the 60 km add-on will start and finish at Mountain Bean Coffee on Henderson Hwy. Parking is plentiful in the area and there are a number of places to purchase food and drink. There's a mall a couple of blocks south. 

If you’ve never ridden these distances before, it’s a long time to spend on your bike. You’d be well advised to change position, eat and hydrate regularly throughout the 3.5 - 4 hours or so you’ll spend riding 100 km and the extra 2-2.5 hours or so you’ll take to ride the remaining 60 km. 

Natural stop points for a short rest occur at a few points along the route:
1. Lockport at about 21 km
2. Pine Ridge Hollow in Birds Hill Park at about 55 km
3. Lockport again at about 85 km
4. Mountain Bean Coffee at start/finish (100 kms)
5. Lockport at about 120 km and again at 140 km
6. Mountain Bean Coffee at start/finish (100 miles)

To ride 100 km and/or 100 miles is a great accomplishment. Ride safe. Have fun. Wear sunscreen.

If you have any questions you can post them on the event page here.

Tour de Taco

Back by popular demand! Cruise the streets with family and friends. A leisurely bike ride that ends with a Taco. This ride is weather permitting. 

  • When: Tuesday September 11th 6:00PM
  • Route: 12km ride starts at Alter Ego and ends at Qdoba Kenaston. Route subject to change.
  • Family appropriate, all bikes, trailers and trail-a-bikes are welcome. Helmets are required. 
  • Kudos given for taco related apparel

Cinnamon Bun Run

The sugar high of the summer. Join us for the 4th annual Cinnamon Bun Run. Will ride from local shop to local shop comparing the best sweets our fine city has to offer. Bikes, friends and more sugar than one should consume in one day

  • When: DATE CHANGED TO September...details to come. 
  • Route: Ride starts and ends at Alter Ego 
  • Family appropriate, all bikes and even trailers are welcome