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Want to make some new cycling friends? Interested in learning new skills, finding new trails and roads to ride, pushing yourself to ride a new personal best or even your first race? Maybe you want to try a charity ride....your first century...but are looking for a good group to work with. Then consider riding with us this season. We offer an adult and a Kids of Mud program. Click through the descriptions below to learn more about each program. 

We organize our ride information using the Spond App. Use this link to dwonload the app and find a ride!

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Alter Ego Cycling Club

Welcome to Alter Ego Cycling Club! We believe cycling is for everybody and we strive to offer an inclusive and supportive environment where we work together to build skills and confidence. We've had to pare back our offering over the last couple of season, but we are planning to return to original programming in 2022. Currently COVID-19 vaccination is required for all club rides, but other than that we're back!  

Member Benefits

  • Access to participate in all planned rides and events
  • Volunteer opportunities - Our club hosts races, run a Kids of Mud program and encourages everyone to consider the benefits of volunteering including becoming certified coaches and/or officials. 
  • Club Strava and Facebook Pages to connect with the group, plan unofficial rides, get training tips and expert advice 

Register to Ride with us!

The Alter Ego Cycling Club is a Manitoba Cycling Association affiliated club. Clicking the link below will take you to the AECC Club registration site on the Manitoba Cycling Association website. Here you will Register online, and purchase AECC membership and a license via the Manitoba Cycling Association (minimum of a General Membership is required). If you already have an MCA membership, you will only need your club membership. 

Your license will be processed and mailed to you. You may be required to upload a photo that will be printed on the back of the license. 

2022 Rides & Events

Thursdays - Controlled Pace Ride 
This is a great ride for new riders or avid cyclists looking for a relaxed ride. Our focus will be to learn how to ride together and learn the etiquette of group riding in a safe supportive environment. Ride leaders will control the pace of this ride, ensuring is it fun and achievable for everyone. 
Helmets and bikes with drop bars are required.
  • When: Thursdays @ 6:30PM  
  • Route: Varies
  • Pace: 25km/hour (No Drop) / Distance: 40km
Sundays - Handshake Ride 
On this ride we agree to ride as a group (We'll often split into pace groups) but there are designated sprint points, after which we regroup. Make sure you join us for coffee after the ride.  
Helmets and bikes with drop bars are required.   
  • When: Sundays @ 8:50am 
  • Route: St Adolphe *NEW* Once a month we will move this ride to a different route
  • Pace: 25+km/hour / Distance: 50-60km 
More ride plans in the works.
We are working on organizing some additional rides and events; skills clinics, little bit of gravel, maybe a weekly trail ride, some weekend road trips for destination ride, old favourites like the Ahead By a Century 100km ride, Ego Cross and more. 

The club exec and organisers for 2022 are: President, Lynn Jeffs; Treasurer, Karin McSherry; Secretary, Simon Tomkins; Mountain Bike Organizer, Shawn Zayac; Road/Gravel Organizers, Rick Yaschyshyn/Heather Martin/Patrick Griffiths; Cyclocross Organizer, Jonathan Borland; Kids of Mud Organizer, Shanna Chan.


Registration is complete for the 2022 season. You can use the link below to send an email to be added to the waitlist for next season.


Join the Right Group

There are rides for all kinds of cyclists—everything from leisurely social jaunts to race-pace throwdowns. Ask your cycling friends, talk to your local bike shop, or do a quick Google search to find a group that fits your interests, fitness, and abilities. Before you clip in, you should have a sense of the terrain, the vibe, and how far and fast you’ll be riding. 

Show Up Prepared

Don’t be that rider. Carry everything you need: a spare tube, tire levers, a multitool, a pump or CO2, water, snacks, money, and your phone. Before you jump into a group, make sure you can ride in a straight line, even with one hand on the bar while reaching for a water bottle, eating, or indicating a turn, or road debris. 

Be a Good Wheel

Groups ride in a paceline— either single-file or two abreast—to efficiently share the work and keep everyone safe. Ideally, you ride 12-18 inches behind the rider in front of you. Inching ahead of someone riding next to you is called half-wheeling—a cardinal sin that’s annoying and potentially dangerous.

Ride Consistently

Everyone is safest when your movements are predictable—so brake gradually, accelerate steadily, avoid erratic or unexpected swerving, and communicate any turns or debris well in advance. 


Speak up or use hand signals to point out gravel, holes, and other road obstacles. Use your left hand to signal a left turn and your right hand to signal a right turn—it doesn’t hurt to call them out too. Give a quick shout if you have a mechanical issue, or if the group is slowing or stopping because someone has a flat.

Coexist with Cars

Follow the rules of the road, avoid unpredictable movements, and ride as far to the right as is comfortable. Come to a full stop at traffic lights and stop signs. On busier roads or streets with a narrow shoulder, most groups will ride single file. Never ride three abreast in any situation— it’s not safe or courteous.