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Fat & Plus Platform Bikes

The mountain bike world has been seeing a trend toward seriously big rubber. Fat bikes have been around for a few years and have proven that they are capable and fun in many conditions, not just snow, sand, and slop. Another big trend has been toward plus-size tires, or tires that aren’t quite wide enough to be considered fat bikes. Below, we’re going to break down the differences between these two chunky options.

Fat Bikes

Fat bikes are the monster trucks of the mountain bike world. Their enormous tires (around 4-5 inches) go just about anywhere. Big tires deliver amazing traction and a fairly smooth ride. Most fat bikes are designed to get off the beaten path, and the component choices reflect that. Expect to see parts picked for durability over weight in this category. Fat bikes require a very specific set of specialized componentry like wider hubs, rims, and bottom brackets, so parts may be a little less common.

Plus Bikes

After the advent of Fat Bikes, a few manufacturers began exploring the advantages of slightly wider tires in more traditional applications. Plus Bikes feature tires around 3-inches. The wider tires deliver incredible grip, a smoother ride, and supreme versatility. The plus size or mid-fat tire doesn’t add as much weight as a fat tire, and can utilize many of the more standard mountain bike components. These are great for the trail and are good for dabbling in winter riding on hard-packed surfaces. 

Dress for Success

Riding in the winter is a whole lot of fun...if you're wearing the right gear. Keeping hands and feet warm and laying up technical breathable layers with keep you warm and dry.

Ride With Friends

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