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Why Buy Snowboard Gear at Alter Ego Sports?

Get what you NEED...and what you WANT!A lot of shops will find you a board based on your height, slap on bindings that should work, and maybe throw the boots in to make sure everything fits. At Alter Ego Sports, we take a number of steps to find out what kind of gear you NEED, not what we want to push on you to buy.

  1. We take your type of riding into account before suggesting any snowboard equipment. Park riders have different needs than those kicking it in the backcountry!
  2. We want to know how often you plan on riding over the course of the winter, because recreational riders can have different needs than regular hill slayers.
  3. Knowing what level of rider you are is key as well is important. More confident riders can utilize the power of stiffer boots, and boards with advanced technology such as carbon, kevlar, and titanium. Newer riders want boards that are easy to ride and use to get used to riding. Everything else will come from there!
  4. Of course, you also have to feel comfortable in your new equipment, which is why we strive to get you into the best fitting gear, including our many types of heat moldable boots which we can customize to your feet, giving you the best possible fit to get the most out of your gear!

Alter Ego Sports staff has decades of riding experience.Not only do we know the technical aspects of snowboarding, we also happen to have staff members who have been riding for years, know what works and what doesn't, and strive to get you the gear that works for you so that you are happy to be an Alter Ego Sports customer.

Obviously, when we talk about riding experience, we don't just mean booting around the nearby locales. These same riders who have years of experience have also gone out west and shredded the gnar with those lucky riders who enjoy the ideal conditions that our western counterparts enjoy on a regular basis. 

To read more about our staff experience and favorite places to ride see  our staff page.

Get out and ride! There is gnar to be shredded!Snowboards purchased at Alter Ego Sports come at a great value!

A lot of shops will sell you a snowboard, maybe put the bindings and boots on it, and send you on your way. We are riders ourselves and know what a rider needs, so we know how to get you ready to shred and don't charge you for it!

There are other shops out there that will talk about how great they are at fitting - and also push spending additional hundreds of dollars on "custom" this and "custom" that, which we think is unnecessary (for the overwhelming majority of the population). If you feel that a pair of snowboard boots is lacking in total arch support, yes we have footbeds that can enhance your riding experience. Does every rider under the sun need one? Nope...but it might be worth trying out. Does everyone need "custom" footbeds? No. Most don't - regardless what other shops try to sell you.

All snowboard purchases include a free hot wax right off of the hop. Some shops will tell you that the boards come "pre-waxed" but that storage wax isn't worth a dime, and in many cases can be mostly gone by the time you grab up your new board. If you want to use your new board it needs to be freshly waxed, which is why we hook you up before you leave our store!

If you purchase a snowboard and now you need your other gear mounted - no problem! We can hook you up, just bring in your bindings and boots when you are coming in to get a board and we will mount them for no charge!

Save cash, get a package and ensure everything works together!Save cash and get a package!

At Alter Ego Sports, we gladly do packages for those looking at getting into the sport, or those in need of a full set of newer gear. Wait, you don't even need a full set of new gear to get a package price!

Gear-wise, snowboards need their board, a set of boots, and a set of bindings to get flying down the hill, or shredding up the park. Pick any two of these items (or all three if you want to be a hero) and get the package discount!

When packaged, all regular priced items will receive a 10% discount. So, for example - if you buy a brand new board at regular price as well as some boots and bindings on sale, you get 10% off of the board, and get the boots and bindings for the great sale price! 

Package purchases are entitled to all of the service and value as individual purchases, you just get the gear for cheaper! Sweet!

Package pricing discounts do not apply during our boxing week sale. 

Unparalleled service is what we're all about.

Alter Ego Sports is the only independent snowboard shop that has its own snowboard specific grinding machine. What does this mean for the customer?

It means that we can take a board that has been brought in for a regular hot wax and edge sharpen and get the job done with the same quality as other shops, but at a much faster pace. Additionally, we can perform full snowboard tunes to take a snowboard that has fought the hill and taken battle scars and make it look beautiful again by grinding the base down and make it super smooth and super fast yet again. 

As always, we can also do major and minor snowboard repairs - so if you smash your edge, take major rock damage, or otherwise run into problems we can fix 'er up and get you back on the hill, where you belong.