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Nordic Poles

Swix CT5 Composite (Just Click) Poles
$99.99 - $149.99 $149.99 Up to 33% Off
The shaft is designed with focus on performance and economy. The stiffness and strength will satisfy most skiers. The weight is not as low as for the other composite poles in the Swix program. Comes with PC handle, "Just Click" system and large 97 basket.
Swix Classic Performance Aluminum Poles
$49.99 - $69.99 $69.99 Up to 29% Off
The new Classic pole is equipped with the X-fit strap. The X-fit strap is intuitive and easy to use. Just as easy to enter into as a traditional loop strap, but the performance of the strap helps your skiing technique. Comes with well proven PC handle and large 97 basket.
Swix Kids Quantum 1 Nordic Poles
Lightweight aluminum pole for juniors
Salomon Escape Nordic Poles
Escape and control ESCAPE is a light, reliable composite pole for touring. It features a comfortable grip and all-conditions basket. Lightness: 3/6 Rigidity: 3/6 Swing: 3/6
Salomon Escape Sport Nordic Poles
Escape and control ESCAPE SPORT is a lightweight composite pole for performance touring. Lightness: 3/6 Rigidity: 3/6 Swing: 3/6
Salomon R 30 Click Nordic Poles
Enjoy your winter training with convenience. The R 30 CLICK is a lightweight pole with a 30% carbon shaft. It features Salomon's Click Grip for easy-to-use, optimum power transmission. Lightness: 4/6 Rigidity: 4/6 Swing: 3/6
Salomon R 60 Click Nordic Poles
Lightweight racing pole. R 60 CLICK is a high performance 60% carbon pole with super-convenient Click grip for avid skiers and weekend racers. Lightness: 4/6 Rigidity: 4/6 Swing: 4/6
Salomon R Click Nordic Poles
R CLICK is a 100% carbon, fully - featured pole with convenient Click Grip for everyday racers in all disciplines.
Rossignol XT 400 Nordic Poles
$59.99 - $109.99 $109.99 Up to 45% Off
Rossignol XT-600 Cork Nordic Poles
$45.99 - $59.99
The XT 600 Cork is a lightweight and durable 5085 aluminium touring pole with cork grip.
Rossignol XT500 Nordic Poles
The XT 500 is a lightweight 7075 alloy high-performance touring pole, features synthetic cork grip, adjustable ergonomic strap, and touring basket.
Fischer BC Country Nordic Poles
Reliable pole with a large offtrack basket.
Fischer RC9 Nordic Pole Kit
Impressive in performance, flexible in use: the pro RC9 pole with its Multi Tip System gives you the best grip on both hard and soft snow. Thanks to the new Quick Fit Strap 2.0 pole handling is even easier and more convenient.
Fischer Speedmax Nordic Poles
Minimum weight means maximum performance. With a perfect swing weight it has everything a racer desires.
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