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Classic (Skin)

Rossignol Kids' Delta R-Skin Nordic Skis
Designed for strong junior skiers, the DELTA R-SKIN JR is a competition-level mohair classic ski. Active Cap and Premium Low Density Core construction with Extended Edge technology delivers powerful and precise race performance. Replaceable mohair inserts (100-150 days) for great kick in all conditions with no prep.
Rossignol X-Tour Escape R-Skin IFP Nordic Skis
Kick, glide, explore. The X-Tour Escape R-Skin is an on-trail touring ski with a traditional XC feel and the added stability to explore. A lively wood core maintains a supple flex, while our R-Skin base offers no-hassle kick and glide performance in all conditions. Traditional length sizing offers increased glide.
Salomon Kids' RC Skin Nordic Skis
A high-performance classic ski that budding racers will love, the RC Jr Classic Skin Ski features skin grip technology that provides reliable kick and glide regardless of conditions. Lightweight construction, a competition-level base grind and race-ready straight sidecut make for a fast ride, and 100% mohair skin patches in the grip zone are as versatile as textured waxless bases, while providing more grip, better glide and a quieter ride.
Salomon Kids' RC Skin+ PSP Nordic Skis
Performance classic ski that juniors will love. The RC JUNIOR SKIN lets young skiers experience classic performance without the challenge of daily waxing. The SKINGRIP inserts deliver precise, secure grip and silent, fast gliding for skiers demanding performance in various snow conditions. It is now also available with our own moveable binding. Glide: 4/6 Grip: 6/6 Lightness: 3/6
Rossignol R-Skin Race Jr Classic Nordic Skis
Built on our X-ium Jr construction, the R-SKIN RACE JR is a race-performance, mohair classic ski for competitive junior athletes. Compatible with the new Turnamic® binding system, our new Integrated Fixation Plate (IFP) allows the most natural ski flex for unparalleled snow feel, precision, and glide. Replaceable mohair inserts (100-150 days) provide great kick in all conditions with no prep.
Rossignol Delta Comp R-Skin IFP Nordic Skis
Step up to race-proven performance. The Delta Comp R-Skin classic is designed for athletes and expert skiers looking for a responsive training or racing ski. It features the same lively World Cup-proven core as our X-ium line but with a large, accessible sweet spot that opens it up to a broader range of skiers. Our replaceable mohair kick-zone insert offers all-conditions kick and glide. The ski is compatible with the Turnamic® binding system for the most natural ski flex and snow feel.
Salomon Men's RC10 eSkin X-Hard+ PSP Classic Nordic Skis
A training skin ski that shifts to racing mode. Whether you are looking for perfect grip or speed, the RC10 eSKIN is engineered so you can experience the best of both worlds. The ski is now also available with our own moveable binding. Glide: 4/6 Grip: 6/6 Lightness: 4/6
Salomon Men's S/Race eSkin Hard+ PSP Classic Nordic Skis
Built for race speed and confidence in changing conditions, this skin ski is perfect for long races and all-day events. Switch to the eSKINRACE for the ultimate racing set-up.
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