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Snowboarding's One-Answer to All Terrain. From its humble beginnings, innovation has defined the Burton Custom series and set it apart as the most popular, versatile, and mimicked board in snowboarding. Since 1996, this icon has reigned supreme and constantly evolved with a proven formula that combines time-honored design with envelope-pushing ingredients to create a lightweight, poppy, and super-versatile board. The Custom Flying V combines camber's power with the relaxed float of rocker for the best of both worlds.
Olympian Chris Corning needs a top of the line board to perform at the highest levels in snowboarding. This is the most powerful, all mountain true twin in the Never Summer lineup. The perfectly balanced, mid-wide Proto Ultra features more carbon and a stiffer flex than the Proto Synthesis and Triple Camber profile for ultimate edge hold and performance.
Never Summer’s patented Triple Camber profile has been getting rave reviews but many of our Triple Camber releases have been on the stiffer side. You asked for it, we’ve delivered. The Easy Rider features the Triple Camber profile with a mid-flex for dominant all mountain performance. Pressed in a symmetrical version of the classic true twin Proto Type Two shape, this do it all board will appeal to the masses.
Our ultimate freeride board. With a firm flex and the innovative Triple Camber Fusion profile, it excels in icy conditions. The set-back stance, bat tail shape, Carbon Web, and taper ensure effortless powder floating and powerful performance.
The ultimate, volume shifted, surf inspired Harpoon is the ultra-versatile option for a dynamic ride in any condition. 13mm of taper, Fusion Rocker Camber and a setback stance allow for charging, laybacks, bank slashing and quick edge to edge transitions, with effortless float, powerful edge grip and a smooth ride for a surfy feel anywhere on the hill. Downsize 3-5cm for added agility through the trees.
$559.99 - $699.99 $699.99 Up to 20% Off
Park riding performance meets resort ripping competence. With refined twin tip and tail shape, this year's Westmark is offered on the poppy and powerful Hand dyed Ash Powerply topsheet to give you an all-over-the-mountain confidence. Stable take-offs and landings, locked-in board slides and presses, and a playful, comfortable resort cruise. Ride Arbor's System Camber for added stability and pop or our System Rocker for a more surfy, catch-free board feel. Arbor's all-mountain/freestyle staple - the Westmark. Flex: 5/10 Powder: 2/5 Big Mountain: 2/5 Resort: 4/5 Park/Street: 5/5
Always Up for Anything From unexplored peaks to your favorite parks, the women's Burton Yeasayer Snowboard tames anything that stands in your way. The board's Flying V profile provides a relaxed and floaty feel, while a true twin design keeps you in control no matter which way you point it. A laundry list of features all work together to ensure the ride is as friendly as it is fun, with an energetic core and scoop tip and tail, which turn up the edges for a catch-free feel whether you're surfing through knee deep pow or sliding a box in the park.
$639.99 $799.99 20% Off
A Spirited Ride to Make You Feel Good When you want every advantage for chasing lines and exploring natural hits, the women's Burton Feelgood Snowboard sets you up for success. Backed by Burton rider Kelly Clark, it boasts a unique shape, matched with rocker-infused freedom of Flying and positively powerful pop for Ferrari-like handing. Directional shaping navigates easily through variable conditions, making this our number one board for conquering all terrain.
$469.99 - $624.99 $624.99 Up to 25% Off
The EMB isn’t just an “every man’s board”, it’s an every mountain board. The skate-inspired snap of our Lock & Load camber and the super-pressable flex of the biax glass layup give it free reign in any terrain. As part of our winter 22/23 artist series, we worked with the legendary Andy Howell. fun fact: andy was the first artist to have his work showcased when we launched our first snowboard line in 2006. This latest graphic pays homage to his East Coast roots with an intricate and irreverent design celebrating the connection between skate, snow and DC Shoes. Howell’s artwork looks extra vibrant thanks to our PLT (Pure Liquid Technology) top sheet. This fade and scratch-resistant tech ensures that the “Adventures of Howell” will be looking good for years to come.
$479.99 - $599.99 $599.99 Up to 20% Off
The board that launched the Arbor brand. The Element was an ATV from its inception, and our flagship snowboard maintains its rank as the most versatile top to bottom mountain twin in our line. Conquer all terrain with confidence on this year's Element. Arbor's System Rocker will provide a more surfy, cleaner tracking ride, while our System Camber will provide added stability and pop for a more aggressive ride. Flex: 5/10 Powder: 3/5 Big Mountain: 3/5 Resort: 5/5 Park/Street: 3/5
$479.99 - $599.99 $599.99 Up to 20% Off
A blend of stability and float to keep it playful in the pow with the power and response to rip. Play it cool until it's time to let it rip. The Burton Cartographer Snowboard blends big mountain stability and all-mountain maneuverability that lets you explore mixed terrain and ride out big lines when the conditions are right. Its stiff nose blasts through chunder, while modest taper and overall medium flex keep it playful in the pow.
$583.99 $729.99 20% Off
Don’t be fooled by those other fat, sloppy snowboard mammals. The Harpoon is the best performing, tapered, volume board ever imagined. Amazingly nimble, with smooth and freakish stability. Feel free to size down 3-6 cm or just ride it in your regular size. It’s going to perform better than any board you’ve ever ridden no matter what you choose. Pull the trigger on the real apex predator. You’ll ride better for it! **base designs and colors may vary**
$583.99 $729.99 20% Off
The Shaper is the most versatile and unique board on the hill. It takes a board this unusual to rule all snowboarding categories. Twin in length, yet tapered in direction, the Shaper Twin gives you balanced and exceptional performance in every terrain ventured. The tail features Ripsaw Rocker Camber so you get trench digging edge hold, snap out of turns, and huge pop. Original Rocker Camber in the nose for insane float and a surfy feel. The Blower Stance makes the Shaper a deep pow destroyer too! This is basically the board everyone should be riding. **base designs and colors may vary**
$463.99 - $579.99 $529.99 - $579.99 Up to 20% Off
Put a creative spin on all terrain with a playful and stable board that charges ahead and inspires confidence. A little fun with a lot of function, the Burton Hideaway Snowboard is the perfect tool for taking a no-limits twin-tipped approach to the whole mountain. Plenty playful, a Flat Top Bend offers the forgiving freedom and stability to take on any terrain or condition. Its innovative true twin shape makes it really fun to ride in both directions, while a sintered base keeps it fast, even if you have no time to wax it.
$463.99 - $579.99 $579.99 Up to 20% Off
Shortcut the learning curve with an all-around board that's catch-free and stable for boosting confidence anywhere you take it. Get straight to the fun part. Enjoy a no-fuss feel with the Burton Instigator Snowboard, a board designed to help accelerate the learning curve and instigate a good time from your first moment on the mountain. The combination of a Flat Top bend and Cruise Control convex base keeps things friendly underfoot, creating a catch-free feel and easy control. The Channel® mounting system gives you the easiest, most adjustable setup with bindings from all major brands including Burton.
$559.99 $699.99 20% Off
The Coda is a highly versatile, big mountain twin, with a shape, flex, and build that supports speed, big landings, and deeper snow. This quiver cornerstone features our Rise Above Plastic “RAP” topsheet – a sustainably sourced Powerply, with zero plastic. The new technology delivers a highly-responsive ride in a lighter, more responsible way. Available in both System Camber and System Rocker. The System Rocker design provides a surfy ride with natural float and cleaner tracking. Flex: 6/10 Powder: 4/5 Big Mountain: 4/5 Resort: 5/5 Park/Street: 3/5
$559.99 $699.99 20% Off
The big mountain twin that delivers all-terrain versatility, performance, art, and all-around good time :) We are lucky enough to have the esteemed graphic savant, Americana collector, and keeper of boardsports culture, Aaron Draplin back behind the easel creating a piece to perfectly compliment the Shiloh's premium performance. Get bold lines with the Draplin x Arbor Shiloh. Available in both System Camber and System Rocker. *Draw bold lines across all-terrain. Artistic collab with Aaron James Draplin. Flex: 4/10 Powder: 3/5 Big Mountain: 3/5 Resort: 4/5 Park/Street: 3/5
$439.99 - $549.99 $549.99 Up to 20% Off
A modern approach to the timeless mountain twin. We have combined utility, quality componentry, and Arbor's trusted System Technology to bring you a state-of-the-art snowboard built sustainable. Performance, value, and design make the Formula the obvious choice for those looking to ride the resort and beyond. Explore incredible stability, pop, and effortless carving aboard its System Camber technology. For a surfy ride, clean tracking and effortless try our System Rocker Technology. Flex: 5/10 Powder: 3/5 Big Mountain: 2/5 Resort: 5/5 Park/Street: 3/5
$439.99 - $549.99 $549.99 Up to 20% Off
Your user-friendly and uniquely designed women's mountain twin - The Poparazzi. A timeless shape mindfully crafted with quality componentry and sustainably built on Arbor's System Technology. The Poparazzi delivers an unmatched value and resort riding experience. Powder: 3/5 Big Mountain: 2/5 Resort: 5/5 Park/Street: 2/5
$429.99 - $539.99 $539.99 Up to 20% Off
From the Kessel Run to the bunny slopes, the Dark Side Ply Snowboard brings a little mischief and a whole lot of fun to the mountain. Featuring vintage artwork from the original Star Wars™ trilogy, this board celebrates our favorite characters from the Dark Side. It might be the ultimate collector’s item, but it’s designed to perform—with a skate-like feel, and enough power and stability to conquer any conditions. It features snappy LOCK & LOAD CAMBER paired with the cruisy, super-pressable flex of a biax glass layup and a lightweight stratus core.
$529.99 $679.99 22% Off
The most versatile all-mountain board in the collection, the ONE to have – when you can only have one. Our industry-first L.I.T.E. Frame technology and RadCut sidecut supply playful, smooth carve-ability, incredible shock absorption and the ultimate ride control for effortless fun across any terrain or snow conditions. Serrated Edge tech grips to everything in sight. No wonder why Marion Haerty placed 2nd at the Natural Selection Tour on the 156.
$399.99 - $519.99 $519.99 Up to 23% Off
MERAKI (may-rah-kee): to do something with complete love and devotion. Our latest true twin freestyle women's snowboard is certainly designed for the devoted or soon to be. Featuring AmpTek AutoTurn rocker, a soft symmetrical flex, true twin shape, RadCut, and 3 bump Serrated Edges, the Meraki offers some of the industry's best technological advances to make every day on snow AnotherBestDay.
$399.99 - $519.99 $519.99 Up to 23% Off
A true to Jibsaw seed. The Sawblade is an easy-to-ride freestyle specialist with AmpTek AutoTurn rocker for playful performance, a softer symmetrical flex, and a True Twin Shape. RadCut technology combined with toned-down Serrated Edges enhance board control and provide a smooth edge-to-edge rolling feel.
$399.99 - $499.99 $499.99 Up to 20% Off
The Foundation was designed to deliver amazing value and the ideal platform to learn on the progress your snowboarding across the whole resort. Built with Arbor's System Rocker technology to provide an incredibly forgiving, easy-to-control catch-free experience. The Foundation is perfect for perfecting your turns and building confidence on the groomers, in deeper snow, at speed, in the park, steeps, or even the trees. Flex: 4/10 Powder: 3/5 Big Mountain: 1/5 Resort: 5/5 Park/Street: 2/5
$399.99 - $499.99 $499.99 Up to 20% Off
Blast past the learning curve with the easiest, most progression-friendly board we make. The men's Burton Ripcord Snowboard is designed to accelerate beginners and intermediates into more advanced riding situations. A directional shape makes easy work of any terrain or snow condition, while the added stability and catch-free feel of Flat Top with Easy Bevel puts you in the pilot's seat. A softer, more playful flex make this an easier-going alternative to other twins, with a performance-oriented ride that gives you more room to grow than you'll get with most entry level boards. The upgrade to The Channel® gives you the easiest stance setup and adjustments possible with compatibility that works with bindings from all major brands (not just Burton's).
$389.99 - $489.99 $489.99 Up to 20% Off
$383.99 - $479.99 $479.99 Up to 20% Off
Set the Stylus to snow and make your first mark on a blank slate, the best intro to snowboarding out there. Hands down the easiest women's board in the line, the women's Burton Stylus Snowboard is perfect for aspiring riders looking to build a foundation before moving on to a more performance-oriented option. Like setting a pen to a blank piece of paper, the Stylus silences your fears, teaching balance and board control from the first time you strap in. Easy Bevel combines a soft, mellow flex with a convex base for a virtually-catch free riding experience, while Flat Top and a true twin shape provide a stable platform that's effortlessly maneuverable no matter which way you point it. The Channel® mounting system gives you the easiest, most adjustable setup with bindings from all major brands (not just Burton's).
$349.99 - $474.99 $474.99 Up to 26% Off
The Biddy combines an easy-turning rocker profile with a soft, forgiving flex and our catch-free 3° bevel on the edges. Playful but powerful enough to handle any terrain. With an sleek black paisley pattern topsheet, the Biddy is designed to break down barriers. As part of our ongoing DC RE/SOLVE sustainability initiative, DC boards are manufactured at the Mothership in Austria, the world’s first 100% clean energy snowboard factory. In order to eliminate waste, we die cut the base graphics, so you will get 1 of the 2 different colorways shown.
$349.99 - $474.99 $474.99 Up to 26% Off
The Focus is a directional shape with fun, forgiving flex, the Focus features a playful rocker profile and catch-free 3° bevel on the edges. The design makes for easy turning and smooth, all-mountain control - letting riders of all skill levels focus on their progression As part of our ongoing DC RE/SOLVE sustainability initiative, DC boards are manufactured at the Mothership in Austria, the world’s first 100% clean energy snowboard factory. In order to eliminate waste, we die cut the base graphics, so you will get 1 of the 2 different colorways shown.
$459.99 $579.99 21% Off
The perfect pick for park and freestyle terrain. Mindfully crafted with a softer flex pattern that promotes endless rebound and lively pop, the Draft stands out as the most versatile true twin, park/all-mountain board in our 2023/24 line. Featuring the reactive Grip Tech for effortless carving, Arbor's signature system, and the art by currently Venice local, Samborghini, the Draft comes fully equipped. Flex: 4/10 Powder: 1/5 Big Mountain: 1/5 Resort: 4/5 Park/Street: 5/5
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