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Rossignol Snowskate
$99.99 $124.99 20% Off
Not all snowskates are good, some are excellent. Ours our made from bamboo and p-tex soles, steel edges, recycles ABS edges and over-kicked spatulas. They look like snowboards, pop like Michael Jackson and ride like skates.
Rossignol Circuit Amptek
$179.99 $299.99 40% Off
Short circuit the learning curve with all-mountain progression made easy. AmpTek Auto-Turn and the softer directional flex provide an incredibly user-friendly feel for fun in any snow conditions. The effortless, full-length grip and no-catch edge control make riders better, faster.
Rossignol Alias Amptek Snowboard
$189.99 $249.99 24% Off
The ALIAS AMPTEK is a twin tip freestyle board with AmpTek Auto-Turn camber for all levels of tweener snowboarders. The Alias AmpTek is for young rippers who've got the skills, just not the size. AmpTek Auto-Turn combines slight camber between the inserts for stability and edge grip, with higher tip and tail rocker, providing incredible ease-of-use, smooth full-length grip and no-catch edge control.
Rossignol Rocknrolla Amptek
$199.99 $349.99 43% Off
Never catch an edge jibbing urban rails again with the ROCKNROLLA. Featuring Rossignol's Jib Roller tech, board edges are freed up for effortless, catch-free boardslides and loose, playful jib performance while RadCut flows seamlessly edge-to-edge for the most stylishly smooth and relaxed freestyle riders.
Rossignol Scan Snowboard
Start your young shredder early. Developed for pint-sized riders with a low center-of-gravity and a lack of fear, the Scan gets kids hooked on sliding sideways. A deep sidecut and soft flex make this true twin freestyle board ultra-easy to maneuver. A generous rocker profile and symmetric flex offer no-catch edge control for a fun and playful riding progression that keeps them coming back for more.
Rossignol Circuit Amptek Snowboard
$269.99 $349.99 23% Off
Designed for beginning to progressing riders, the new CIRCUIT offers a comfortable and forgiving all-mountain ride so you can focus more on learning the motions, instead of falling on your face. Our AmpTek Auto Turn rocker profile supplies user-friendly fun in any snow conditions with effortless float and no-catch edge control for easy, natural progression so you can get better, faster.
Rossignol District Amptek Snowboard
$269.99 $349.99 23% Off
One of the best freestyle boards to learn and progress on, the new DISTRICT offers easy, budget-friendly fun for entry-level riders. The softer, twin freestyle flex provides an easy-to-manipulate ride no matter which direction you slide. And with a generous AmpTek rocker profile, the DISTRICT offers confidence-boosting stability and an effortless, catch-free feel whether buttering boxes or perfecting your spin.
Rossignol Retox Amptek Snowboard
$279.99 $399.99 30% Off
Redesigned with 100% classic camber, the RETOX is a true twin powerhouse built for pure park riders. The stiffer, ultra-blunt tip and tail provides monstrous pop and smooth swing weight, while the new full camber profile enhances stability at speed to set your spin and stomp the biggest hits in the park.
Rossignol Alias Snowboard
Designed for those who've got the skills, just not the size (yet), the Alias is the perfect true-twin freestyle snowboard for progressive young riders. With just the right amount of camber, this board is stable and responsive in all conditions. Symmetrical flex plus tip and tail rocker translate to effortless turns, smooth full-length grip and no-catch edge control.
Rossignol Sawblade Snowboard
$319.99 $399.99 20% Off
A true to Jibsaw seed. The new SAWBLADE is an easy-to-ride all-mountain freestyle specialist with AmpTek AutoTurn rocker for playful performance, a softer symmetrical flex, and a True Twin Shape. RadCut technology combined with toned-down Serrated Edges enhance board control and provide a smooth edge-to-edge rolling feel.
Rossignol Circuit Snowboard
Designed for beginning to progressing riders, the Circuit offers a comfortable and forgiving all-mountain ride, so you can focus on growing your skillset. The right blend of camber and rocker offers user-friendly turning and no-catch edge control. In other words, it's the right board for an easy natural progression, so you can get better, faster.
Rossignol Jibfluence Snowboard
As the name implies, the Jibfluence is an all-mountain freestyle ripper born from the same shape and construction as our popular Jibsaw snowboard. Built for lighter riders, it uses a thinner core, softer tips, mellower Serrated Edges and a RadCut shape that's adapted to respond to lightweight riders while maintaining the highest level of performance.
Rossignol Templar Snowboard
The perfect all-mountain freestyle board for mid to advanced riders, the TEMPLAR is one you can trust in any terrain or conditions. A balanced flex with Serrated Edges ensures confident grip and stability while flowing smoothly edge-to-edge; our most versatile AmpTek rocker/camber profile supplies the right blend of power, pop, and float wherever the snow takes you.
Rossignol Templar Snowboard
The whole mountain is at your feet on the Templar. The perfect all-mountain freestyle board for mid to advanced riders, the Templar inspires confidence in all terrain and conditions. The balanced flex complements 5S Serrated Edges and a Kevlar®-reinforced core for smooth-flowing edge-to-edge control. The versatile all-mountain rocker profile supplies the right blend of power, pop and float to keep pace with your all-mountain ambitions.
Never Summer Infinity
$349.99 $559.99 38% Off
This award winning, high performance board is the go-anywhere, do-anything choice for women. An all-terrain deck that handles hardpack, powder, natural features and park, the Infinity delivers the quality you deserve from a Never Summer. Hands down this is the most versatile women’s specific, all mountain freestyle snowboard money can buy!
Never Summer Warlock Snowboard
$399.99 $619.99 35% Off
The true twin Warlock features a new shape, Original Rocker Camber Profile, new flex pattern, and incredible park performance. The new Warlock production technique has this board looking wicked. The best characteristics of the Evo and Proto HD were stolen, and additional carbon was added outside the bindings to provide insane lift off and perfect landings. Soft flex between the feet and torsionally rigid nose and tail make for pinpoint turning and amazing pressability. Add to that the Warlock’s playful, forgiving feel and the result is freestyle wizardry.
Never Summer Revolver Snowboard
A wider version of the Evo 4.0, the Revolver 4.0’s bigger platform allows you to stomp those big landings without the annoying boot drag. Our Rocker Camber profile creates a super agile ride for the freestyle shredder with a larger boot.
K2 Bright Lite Snowboard
$249.99 $379.99 34% Off
The Bright Lite women's snowboard is back and as versatile as ever for women searching for a board they can grow with. All Terrain Baseline coupled with K2’s women’s specific Rhythm core ensure the Bright Lite flexes and forgives but still drives and supports in any conditions it encounters.
K2 Hit Machine Wide
$299.99 $469.99 36% Off
It’s like your favorite record that never fails to satisfy. You know, that one piece of music that you can rely on to get you stoked. Equipped with the playful, yet on-it feel of Freestyle Baseline with Tweekend™ technology, the all-new Hit Machine snowboard is fired up ready to make this your best season ever.
Flow Viper Snowboard
$249.99 $399.99 38% Off
Hop aboard and breeze through the learning curve with performance and progression. The Viper will give you confidence in your riding and sets the tone with its Tru-Twin shape, hybrid rocker profile and soft flexing feel. Designed for riders who are looking to take their riding to new levels.
Flow Merc Snowboard
$299.99 $439.99 32% Off
Taking mid-range performance to the top, this directional twin shape with a hybrid rocker profile is here to help get you to the next level. The soft and friendly flex is sure to perform as well and keep you coming back form more. The Merc features our Plus KUSH-CONTROL technology that consists of 3 unique urethane features strategically placed in the base, sidewall and topsheet to create the smoothest and strongest boards on the hill.
Flow Silhouette Snowboard
$299.99 $399.99 25% Off
Designed to assist the entry-level rider progress to the next level. The Hybrid Rocker profile is flat between the feet for better balance and ease of use and rocker on the tip and tail for great control and no hang-ups. This Tru-Twin shape is sure to create memories worth talking about and keep you coming back again and again.
DC PBJ Snowboard
$299.99 $429.99 30% Off
DC Ply Snowboard
$349.99 $459.99 24% Off
DC Supernatant
$449.99 $599.99 25% Off
Burton Riglet Snowboard
$109.99 $129.99 15% Off
The ultimate tool for starting ‘em young. Teach them the basics in your own backyard, or heck, even the living room. Snow, carpet, or even grass, the Burton Riglet board lets you bring the learning experience home from the mountain…year-round! With a built-in Riglet reel, safe and forgiving edgeless construction, and grippy EVA foot pads, kids can quickly jump on and develop basic skills in your own backyard while you pull them across any low-friction surface. Inserts make it easy to add bindings when it’s time to take the next step.
Burton DIY Throwback
Shape your own piece of snowboarding’s history with this blank version of the original board for backyard fun. Unlock the freedom of DIY expression with this shape-your-own version of the Throwback. A resurrection of snowboarding’s past, this ride-able piece of history is built for surfing snow in your own backyard. Cut out your shape, apply grip, and it’s ready to rip. Note: the Throwback is not recommended for riding at resorts or on hardpack or icy conditions. Please consult your resort before riding The Throwback on their trails..
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