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Wax Kits / Tuning Supplies

Swix Combi Brush
Great brush for all waxes. Contains both nylon and bronze bristles.
Swix Natural Cork
Used to cork grip wax into the base of a nordic ski.
Swix Plexiglass Wax Scraper 4mm
Sharp and effective plexi scraper for scraping off glider, 4 mm.
Swix Synthetic Cork w/ Sandpaper
Synthetic Cork with #100 grit sandpaper attached with Velcro®. A combi cork with sandpaper to be used on the kick zone before applying kick wax; Will make the kick wax adhere better to the base.
Swix Synthetic Racing Cork
This synthetic cork has a higher density than a regular synthetic cork. For racing.
Swix T77 Waxing Iron
Great economy iron which is competitive with far more expensive models. Redesigned from scratch with an ergonomic body and a wide metal plate that suits both alpine, snowboard and nordic. Angled at one side to make it easier to keep a constant speed when melting the wax. The thick metal plate ensures a stable heating. Plate dimension 100x160 mm. Output: 1000W
Swix Tour Pack Cold Wax Kit
Contents: V05 Polar, V20 Green, V40 Blue Extra hard waxes, synthetic cork and a groove scraper. Zippered pack.
Swix Traditional Ski File 20cm
12 tpcm. Traditional ski file. Excellent for doing it all. Side and base-edge beveling. 2nd option for price point retail file. User level: Racing
Swix Traditional Tang File 15cm
16 tpcm. Traditional chromed tang file. Finish work and light touch up. All season file for light maintenance. User level: Racing
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