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Wax Kits / Tuning Supplies

Swix Plastic Wax Scraper
Plastic scraper for removal of hard kick wax or klister from nordic skis. Handy format.
Swix Scraper for Wax and Klister
Practical scraper for removing grip wax and klister.
Swix Plexiglass Wax Scraper 3mm
Plexiglass scraper.
Swix Natural Cork
Used to cork grip wax into the base of a nordic ski.
Swix Plexiglass Wax Scraper 4mm
Sharp and effective plexi scraper for scraping off glider, 4 mm.
Swix Synthetic Racing Cork
This synthetic cork has a higher density than a regular synthetic cork. For racing.
Swix Synthetic Cork w/ Sandpaper
Synthetic Cork with #100 grit sandpaper attached with Velcro®. A combi cork with sandpaper to be used on the kick zone before applying kick wax; Will make the kick wax adhere better to the base.
Swix Steel Scraper
Steel scraper for peeling or straightening bases.
Swix Base Cleaner (Aerosol)
Clean your skis after races and ski-touring with this handy, pocket sized Base Cleaner aerosol. Formulated to minimize health and fire hazards. 2.5 fl. oz.
Swix Base Cleaner w/ Scrubber
Base cleaner with built-in Fibertex scrub applicator for efficient removal of wax and klister. Remove as much wax or klister as possible with a scraper before using the scrub. Finish by wiping off with Fiberlene paper. Lightly scented. The active ingredient is a low aromatic hydrocarbon with good solven­t capacity. Non-ozone depleting aerosol. 5.1 fl. oz.
Swix Traditional Ski File 20cm
12 tpcm. Traditional ski file. Excellent for doing it all. Side and base-edge beveling. 2nd option for price point retail file. User level: Racing
Swix Traditional Tang File 15cm
16 tpcm. Traditional chromed tang file. Finish work and light touch up. All season file for light maintenance. User level: Racing
Swix Liquid Base Cleaner
Lightly scented liquid base cleaner. Remove as much was or klister as possible with a scraper before the base is cleaned and wiped off with Fiberlene paper. The active ingredient is a low aromatic hydrocarbon with good solvent capacity. 17.5 fl. oz.
Swix Skin Cleaner
Cleans integrated skins in a gentle way without affecting the skin glue. Restores the properties of the skin and increases its efficiency. To be used after skiing.
Swix Skin Impregnation
Developed to protect integrated skins from icing and to improve the glide properties. The risk of icing is in particular present around zero.
Swix Combi Bronze/Nylon Wax Brush
All-round brush. It will polish the liquid/pastewaxes and will also work on the harder melt on waxes. Has both bronze and nylon brittles for all waxes.
Swix Medium Coarse Bronze First Wax Brush
Handy pocket size! Small quality bronze brush for glide waxes.
Swix Skin Boost
Protects integrated skins from icing and improves glide properties. Recommended maintenance for skin skis to extend their life span and get a better ski experience. To be applied before skiing.
Swix Snow Thermometer
Handy size thermometer to measure snow temprature. Solid plastic protective case Scaled from -30 to +50 Celsius degrees Perfect when traveling
Swix Coarse Bronze Brush
Medium coarse bronze brush. Ø 0.18 mm. Preferred by some as first brush on wax in alpine. 10 strokes.
Swix Tour Pack Cold Wax Kit
Contents: V05 Polar, V20 Green, V40 Blue Extra hard waxes, synthetic cork and a groove scraper. Zippered pack.
Swix Waxless Ski Care Kit
Care kit for waxless skis. Contents: 80 ml Easy Glide liquid, 70 ml Base Cleaner, and Fiberlene towel.
Swix T77 Waxing Iron
Great economy iron which is competitive with far more expensive models. Redesigned from scratch with an ergonomic body and a wide metal plate that suits both alpine, snowboard and nordic. Angled at one side to make it easier to keep a constant speed when melting the wax. The thick metal plate ensures a stable heating. Plate dimension 100x160 mm. Output: 1000W
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