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Wax Kits / Tuning Supplies

Swix Base Cleaner (Aerosol)
Clean your skis after races and ski-touring with this handy, pocket sized Base Cleaner aerosol. Formulated to minimize health and fire hazards. 2.5 fl. oz.
Swix Chromed Bastard File
13 tpcm. Chromed Bastard removal/setup file. Best file for setting side angle. Non-tang files offer a truer, flatter file for exact degree application. Best file for initial side bevel. User level: Racing Pro World Cup
Swix Course Bronze Brush
Practical pocket sized all round brush.
Swix Groove / All Purpose Scraper
Used for klister application. Or to remove wax or klister from the base before cleaning with Base Cleaner.
Swix Medium Coarse Diamond Stone 100mm
400 grit. 2nd in your must have diamonds to maintain a smooth and sharp edge. Starts to bring out that high polish shine.
Swix Plexiglass Wax Scraper 4mm
Plexi Scraper 4mm
Swix Steel Scraper
Steel scraper for peeling or straightening bases.
Swix Synthetic Cork
Synthetic cork.
Swix Tour Pack Cold Wax Kit
Contents: V05 Polar, V20 Green, V40 Blue Extra hard waxes, synthetic cork and a groove scraper. Zippered pack.
Swix Traditional Ski File 20cm
12 tpcm. Traditional ski file. Excellent for doing it all. Side and base-edge beveling. 2nd option for price point retail file. User level: Racing
Swix Traditional Tang File 15cm
16 tpcm. Traditional chromed tang file. Finish work and light touch up. All season file for light maintenance. User level: Racing
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