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Waxing / Tuning Supplies

Burton Tri-Scraper
Hot three-way action! What puts our scraper in a geometric class of its own is its triangular shape. Six edges guarantee that there’s always a sharp edge to scrape excess wax from your base. A scraping notch ensures your board’s edges remain free of excess drippage or waxy buildup.
Burton All Season Fastest Wax
The absolute fastest wax and team choice for all-season speed. Highly concentrated competition-grade 14F to 32F temperature specific hot wax formulated with high-speed fluorocarbons.
Swix Liquid Base Cleaner
Lightly scented liquid base cleaner. Remove as much was or klister as possible with a scraper before the base is cleaned and wiped off with Fiberlene paper. The active ingredient is a low aromatic hydrocarbon with good solvent capacity. 17.5 fl. oz.
Toko HC3 Wax Remover
Gentle cleaning liquid for all types of base. Removes wax residue as well as dirt and prepares the base for waxing.
Burton All Season Speed Sauce
Quick and easy. Perfect for lubing your board between rides. Wipe on a glob of our fluorinated paste wax to rapidly increase your speed for a few critical runs. Whether dropping in for a race run, hitting a giant spring kicker, or just charging to beat your buddies to the best line on deep powder days, one simple application will give you the added speed you need.
Kuu Mach+ Very Cold Temperature Glide Wax
Ideally suited for temperatures ranging from -15 Celsius and colder.
Swix Combi Bronze/Nylon Wax Brush
All-round brush. It will polish the liquid/pastewaxes and will also work on the harder melt on waxes. Has both bronze and nylon brittles for all waxes.
Swix Medium Coarse Bronze First Wax Brush
Handy pocket size! Small quality bronze brush for glide waxes.
Toko Express Racing Spray
Performance racing spray for all kinds of snow and temperatures.
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