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Waxing / Tuning Supplies

Toko HC3 Wax Remover
$24.99 - $29.99
Gentle cleaning liquid for all types of base. Removes wax residue as well as dirt and prepares the base for waxing.
Burton Maple Wax
Grade A acceleration. In Vermont we like our maple syrup, and our Green Mountain-inspired wax smells like a stack of fresh pancakes. Formulated for 19-to-32-degree temps, it is 100% biodegradable and features grade A hydrocarbon performance. Hot wax, cold scrape, just don’t melt it on your flapjacks.
Burton Rub Down Wax Yellow
Rub one out in the parking lot. All jokes aside, rubbing your stick with this quickie wax in the morning will make the rest of your day more enjoyable. Designed for low-maintenance, five-minutes-flat application, anywhere from the parking lot to the gondola, all this wax needs is a quick rub and buff with the included pad. No irons, scrapers or shop visits required.
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