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Argon 18 Subito Road

Argon 18 Subito Road
$6,499.99 - $8,499.99
Color: Deep Blue Gloss
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Responsive, agile, and with impeccable handling, this is a performance road bike first and e-bike second - when you want that added rush.

New Limits - or No Limits
When you want to push yourself through that extra 50km, or take the steepest route to the top – and actually enjoy the views on the way up – or want to let go of the myth of the suffer-fest, this is your ride. And with a sub-12kg bike that handles, fits, and responds at the top of its class, it may provide all that even without the assistance of the motor. But if you want that bit of extra tailwind, it’s ready for you.

Ideal for
Those looking to level the playing field between friends, get back into the sport, or just want to stretch every ride as far as possible.

Find Your Fit

The Argon Fit System is designed to provide riders of all sizes with consistent performance and optimal positioning. Regardless of your build, gender or your riding style, our frames are designed so that your fit will always be efficient and comfortable, ensuring the ultimate in handling. We offer sizing from XXS to XL in all of our road bikes, and XS to XL in our Tri bikes, with each size approached individually from a design and performance perspective. While a lot of manufacturers optimise performance and weight targets for a medium size frame and simply scale up or down, we assess the performance of each size based on the individual character of that particular geometry. For example, even our largest frames have exceptional stiffness without excess weight, to avoid the 'dead' feel found in some XL frames. XS and XXS retain their inherent lightweight qualities, but without excess stiffness, avoiding harsh ride quality.

The Optimal Balance of Comfort and Performance

To achieve the optimal balance of comfort and performance for our endurance line, we needed geometry uniquely aligned with the demands of long-distance riding and racing. In conjunction with the best geometry, we also needed to optimise frame topology and carbon layup. Through extensive research and analysis of stiffness, resistance, and aerodynamics using FEA and CFD software, we designed frames and forks that offer exceptional vertical compliance and dampens road-induced vibrations. At the same time, they needed to remain impervious to lateral movement, thus ensuring maximum pedaling efficiency for optimal power transfer. Our Topological Compliance System (TPS), was validated by numerous iterations of frame and fork designs tested both on the road and in our research and development laboratory using proprietary vibration testing tools.

The perfect blend of handling and stiffness

We believe a good fit is the key to optimal performance. Argon 18’s proprietary 3D System is an integrated solution that extends the headtube for more flexible positioning options. Three headtube positions are possible for every frame size, increasing stiffness by 5% at 15mm and 11% at 25mm, versus traditional spacers. It allows also a larger fit windows (60mm of stack adjustment compared with 30 for a traditional setup). With this system, the handlebar height can be perfectly adjusted to meet the needs and preferences of every rider.

Part Numbers

Option MPN Store SKU
Ultegra Di2 / Deep Blue Gloss / XX-Small SUBR.XXS.360A.2D.1 SUB4012170S
105 / Deep Blue Gloss / XX-Small SUBR.XXS.360A.3.1 SUB33680213S
Ultegra Di2 / Deep Blue Gloss / X-Small SUBR.XS.360A.2D.1 SUB39695226S
105 / Deep Blue Gloss / X-Small SUBR.XS.360A.3.1 SUB32872789S
Ultegra Di2 / Deep Blue Gloss / Small SUBR.S.360A.2D.1 SUB3818793S
105 / Deep Blue Gloss / Small SUBR.S.360A.3.1 SUB3199566S
Ultegra Di2 / Deep Blue Gloss / Medium SUBR.M.360A.2D.1 SUB38203767S
105 / Deep Blue Gloss / Medium SUBR.M.360A.3.1 SUB31181143S
Ultegra Di2 / Deep Blue Gloss / Large SUBR.L.360A.2D.1 SUB38967034S
105 / Deep Blue Gloss / Large SUBR.L.360A.3.1 SUB31606164S
Ultegra Di2 / Deep Blue Gloss / X-Large SUBR.XL.360A.2D.1 SUB39176500S
105 / Deep Blue Gloss / X-Large SUBR.XL.360A.3.1 SUB32440038S