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Appointments 101

All of our service work is done by appointment to allow for the most efficient scheduling possible. Customers are encouraged to submit their appointment request as soon as possible. By scheduling your appointment as early as possible, you ensure that we only have your equipment for the minimum time needed to get rolling! Here is how appointments work:

  1. Your equipment MUST be brought in to the store the day before your appointment is scheduled. If your equipment is in need of considerable service, or if parts need to be ordered, we may need you to bring it in for assessment before your appointment to avoid delays.
  2. Any appointments that are NOT brought in the day before their appointment date will be removed.
  3. Your equipment will be assessed at drop off to identify any additional work that may be needed as well as any additional parts to be ordered.
  4. Appointment date(s) do not take into consideration additional time required to order parts or perform service not scheduled. To avoid delays, bring in your equipment as soon as possible after your appointment is made if you believe there will be additional work required.
  5. Once we receive your appointment request, we will schedule your service in the system and email you back with a scheduled date.
  6. Appointments can take 24-48 hours to get scheduled in our system. Please do not submit multiple requests. If you do not receive a response within 48 hours, feel free to contact us.
  7. If your bike is extremely dirty, we recommend you clean it before bringing it in unless you are OK with an extra charge for a bike wash.


If you want to get your e-bike serviced, please note that we while we provide service on the e-bikes that we sell, we are most likely unable to work on e-bikes that use different systems than our bikes. In most cases, if you didn't buy the bike from us, we won't be able to service it. Contact us for more information.

Flat Tire / Tire Replacement

We do not require an appointment for flat tire/tire replacement services. You can contact us to determine turnaround time, but it is usually 1-2 days, depending on activity levels in the store when you drop off your equipment.

Current Appointment Turnaround Time

(updated 14 October)

We are currently booking most service (tuneups, etc.) within 1 week. Keep that in mind when filling out the form below. If you need a minor adjustment within the 1 year after purchase window, feel free to make such notes below. We aim to get those minor adjustments back within a much shorter time frame, as well as flat repairs/tire installations. Contact us for fill out the form for more details.

After Sales Service Blackout Window ENDED

The season has been busy! We are currently booking into July, which is the starting point of our blackout window. As such, if you have a bike purchased at Alter Ego Sports and are looking to schedule your discounted service, you can now do so without delay!

Winter Service NOW OPEN

With the colder temperatures upon us, our winter services are now available. Wax turnaround is usually a few working days, whereas more involved services have varying completing times. Contact the store for more information as times can change depending on demand.

Thank you for your understanding.

Appointment Form