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Training & Coaching

The athletes we work with want to get the most out of their purchases and themselves. Now that you have a beautiful bike that fits and feels great you may be interested in taking your riding to the next level. For some, the next level is a group ride, or a local race, maybe a riding vacation. These are great goals and focusing your training with a personalized program and a real live coach can help get you there.

We're often asked for recommendations in this area and we always recommend the incredible team of trainers and physiotherapists at Pure Lifestyle and the elite coaching services of Daryl Hurrie at Sculpt Lifestyle.  

Daryl Hurrie from Sculpt Lifestyle

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“I’ve learned an invaluable amount from working with Daryl…… These lessons ultimately helped unlock my physiological potential to achieve my dream of representing Canada at the Rio Olympics”

-Leah Kirchmann – Olympian, Professional Road Cyclist

For the last decade Daryl Hurrie has helped engineer some of the World’s most awe inspiring performances right here in Winnipeg!

Coupled with a deep passion for helping his clients/ athletes succeed,  his curious disposition, attention to detail, and innovative ideas, have made him a highly sought out resource for high performance individuals and organizations. 

He has amassed a vast and diverse client portfolio during his 12 year career, which includes professional clients like the Winnipeg Jets, numerous National Sports Organizations, and hundreds of athletes who wear the Maple Leaf on their backs. Daryl’s work was most recently showcased in the 2016 Rio Olympics and Paralympics, having helped develop athletes from Road Cycling, Triathlon, Paratriathlon, Swimming, Volleyball and Beach Volleyball. 

Staff of Pure Lifestyle

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The team at Pure Lifestyle understands what endurance athletes need; they live it in their everyday lives and it’s apparent when working with them. Dedicated and energetic, they bring together many aspects of performance that are often overlooked, but which are also often the little things that make a difference in the end.

-Sarah-Anne Brault, Olympic Triathlete

Pure Lifestyle is dedicated to education at every level. The team at Pure are some of the most educated exercise professionals in the province, the majority having earned the title “Certified Exercise Physiologist (CEP).” You will not find a more well-rounded, educated team of exercise professionals who chose this as a career, as well as a lifestyle.

From injury prevention to performance training Pure has the equipment, education and techniques to help promote longevity in your activity and provide you the performance you want to achieve no matter what your sport is.

With a 6500 square foot facility and unmatched location right next to Westview park, the city’s best resource of hill training, they can provide a workout like no other! From indoor turf to top of the line strength equipment and cardio machines, Pure Lifestyle has pioneered a new age of strength training in Winnipeg.